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The Sphynx Cat


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The Hairless Sphynx

The Sphynx cat is one of the most interesting breeds of cat in the world. This is because it does not have a coat of hair like other cats would. This breed of cat features skin that is relatively muted in color. It can be in a dark pink or a light brown tone. The contours that are found around a cat like this can feature a series of spots or stripes that will give a cat like this some very distinguishing features that will set it apart from other Sphynx cats.

The face on the Sphynx cat will feature a triangular appearance that is similar to what may be found in an Oriental or Siamese cat. The eyes will have oval shapes to them. The eye color of the cat can also match up with the catís skin tone in most cases. The ears are very large and will extend to the middle parts of the faceís height.

Also, there can be some cases where the face on the cat can develop a small bit of fur. This will feature a soft velvet texture that is soft but not very noticeable from a far distance.

This breed of cat was first found in the 1960s. The first Sphynx cat died out before its line could fully progress. However, in 1978 a cat in Toronto with long hair gave birth to a series of hairless kittens. These kittens were eventually bred to produce additional Sphynx cats.

Spynx cat

Spynx kitten

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The first sphynx breeders were faced a number of problems: The genetic pool was very small; breeders had rather aimless ideas about sphynx genetics, and several kittens died. There was also an issue with a lot of the females suffering convulsions. The genes that keep a cat from developing hair are believed to be more dominant than some genes produced by other breeds of cats, thus making this form of cat suitable for breeding with such options as the Devon Rex breed.

In the early days of the breed crosses with devon-rex were used, but later this crossing was given a bad reputation because it caused health issues. Now the Canadian Sphynx is a breed with a solid genetic pool. Outcrossing is still allowed using guidelines set down from each Cat Association around the globe.

Spynx Cat
spynx cat

The most incredible aspect of a Sphynx catís temperament is that it is very extroverted unlike most other cats. It enjoys being around all kinds of people. They are very energetic and will be always trying to find something to do. It is also very well behaved and will get along with other animals in the house. This breed is also very curious and enjoys exploring things in its habitat.

Health Issues and Care of the Sphynx

The health of this breed is an important point to review. It will help to keep this cat indoors because it can be susceptible to sunburn due to the lack of hair. Also, without a coat they have tough time retaining body heat so it is very important to keep your cat protected from exposure to low temperature conditions.

It is essentail to keep a Sphynx indoors and in a well shaded and controlled environment. This is to ensure that the cat will be comfortable and not overheat or become too cold.


 Spynx kitten It is essential to make sure that they get a healthy balanced diet. Sphynx cats can develop large bellies that can be easily noticeable if they are not fed properly.

It is recommended to bath this cat every week. The oils on the skin can become difficult for a cat to handle unless they are washed off on a regular basis. Their ears and nails also need to be regularly treated and cleaned as well because their ears have no hair to protect them from various things like most cats, and their nails need to be cleaned on a weekly basis (likely before bathing) as they generally have oil and other buildup under them. Regular ear cleansing is required to help keep the ears from becoming infected.

This cat is most suitable for families that are looking for a cat that is energetic and enjoys being with people. A Sphynx cat will relish the company of its owners and provide hours of enjoyable entertainment and fun but does need to be protected from the environment more than other cats.

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