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The Siamese Cat


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Siamese - The Calm Gentle Asian Cat

A breed of cat believed to have come from Thailand in southeast Asia, the Siamese are one of the most recognized breeds of the Oriental cat. They have a noble history of Royalty that can be traced back to the early 13th century. The Siamese cat was one of the most popular cats in Europe and the United States in the 20th century.

Siamese have a lot of character and are very sociable with loving personalities which makes them sought after pets that are loyal, devoted and will chatter away to you. They crave affection and enjoy the company of other animals as well as people but can be jealous occasionally if they not given the amount of attention they need. Being very intelligent they are easy to train to stay off of the table, go walking on a leash and readily toilet trained. With their calm and peaceful nature a Siamese is an excellent companion for children.

There a few different variations of the Siamese cat. The Thai or traditional Siamese shares a few characteristics with the Modern Siamese (e.g., the color scheme and the small single coat, although not so short and "painted on" as the current day) but differs from it in head and body form. It has a "foreign" type (rather elongated, tall on the legs, lithe but significant, with medium boning) not an "oriental" one as in the current Siamese and Oriental breeds) and it has a fixed wedge head, with rounded cheeks from which show a wedge shaped muzzle (or "marten face" as it was called in 19th century descriptions). The ears are moderately big but not gigantic, and are farther up than those of the current Siamese ears are. The eyes are average to somewhat large, a full almond shape but not overly "oriental." The average weight of a male is 10 to 16 lbs. while Females average 8 to 11 lbs.
Siamese cat
Siamese cat
Siamese cat

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Everything You Need to Know about the Siamese Cat
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The breed quality of the Modern Siamese shows an elegant, lean, stylish, flexible, and muscled body. Its head is triangular formed, with a small snout. The eyes are almond shaped and oblique, with big, round based ears put more by the side of the head. This positioning should form a perfect triangle from the top of the nose to each top of the ear. It has a long quality neck, body, and wippy small tail. The fur is short, glossy, nice, smooth, tight, and close to the cat with no undercoat. The Siamese is defined by its typical pointed color qualities.

siamese cat siamese kitten

Health Issues of a Siamese

Traditional Siamese cats are generally healthy animals and can live a fairly long life of from 15-22 years. The Modern Siamese cat however, does not have as long of a life span due to a weaker immune system.


siamese kitten The Modern Siamese expected lifespan is somewhere between 10-13 years where neoplasms, primarily mammary tumors, are the most common cause of death.

Siamese are very loving and smart cats, known for their playful nature. Many like being with people and are often described as being "extroverts." often they bond well to just one person. Some Siamese are extremely mouthy, with a loud, low-pitched voice called "Meezer," which they got one of their short names that has been linked to the cries of a human baby and being persistent in wanting attention. These cats are usually active and loving, even as adults, and sometimes are compared to acting more like dogs than other cats do.

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