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The Beautiful Exotic Persian Cat

The beautiful Persian, the furry bear looking cuddly cat that is the most popular purebred cat in the United States and in many other parts of the world. Persians are loved for their laid back nature, ability to continually show love and respect to their owners and outright beauty. They are very dominant in most cat shows while their superior pedigree makes them the cat so many feline lovers desire to own.

A Persian will create a strong bond with humans but it takes time and the love and trust must be earned, once the relationship is established they are very devoted companions. They love affection and want to be petted, cuddled, played with and enjoy any attention given to them. Unlike some other cats they will not demand or misbehave for attention.

Many cat breeds come from lineages that maintain high energy levels from their wild past which was required for hunting and survival. The Persian being one of the oldest domesticated breeds are more placid, mild manered and loving tempered than most other cats. They do love to play and interact in their moments of activity where they can entertain and sometimes amaze with their superior intellect.
Persian CatPersian cat Sitting

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persian cat

Persians are distinguished by their long and thick coats, short legs, large eyes, and a quiet peaceful nature. There are several different known "variations," or types of Persian cats.
The Traditional Persian cat is the Doll Face Persian which is the original true bloodline that has not changed in physical appearance in modern times.
Some breeders have however bred certain lines with extreme short noses raised higher in a more flattened face; these are known as ultra-face Persians whose development is now highly discouraged due to severe health problems.
The Himalayan is a long haired cat very similar to the standard Persian except it has clear blue eyes and colored points. Himalayans are of similar nature and temperament as other Persians but with a higher level of energy and are more active.
Persian Cat
The Chinchilla Longhair has a more elongated nose than the Persian which allows better breathing and reduced eye tearing problems. The Chinchilla Persian is distinguished from others in the breed with a solid white translucent undercoat. The back, head, tail and flanks fur is tipped black which provides for the sparkling silver coat on the Chinchilla Silvers or Shaded Silvers. The tips can also be golden for the Chinchilla Goldens or Shaded Goldens. They all have blue green or greenish eye coloring with a darkened hair color around the eyes, lips and nose.
There are other breeding variations of Persians like the toy and teacup breeds with much smaller body sizes but maintaining the look and characteristics of standard Persians.

One downside of the Persian cat is that the breed has been criticized as being one of the most health bothered lines of cats. They have a higher than normal chance of getting polycystic kidney disease, also known as PKD, as an adult cat. In modern times some lines have been bred for flatter and more extreme facial features which have resulted in more health problems like upper respiratory illnesses, weepy eye syndrome, malocclusions, and birthing problems which are mostly pronounced in the ultra-versions.

Persian Kitten The Traditional Persians have fewer health issues than the ultras whose facial appearance, bone structure and extreme flat face cause breathing difficulties, sinus problems and tear duct overflow. All Persian cats have a predisposition for cancerous eye tumors and basal cell carcinomas that are usually malignant. In general Persian cat health problems include nostril constriction, cherry eye, tear duct overflow, dental malocclusions, polycystic kidney disease, entropion, and seborrhea oleosa.

Owning a Persian does require a commitment of time and effort in daily grooming necessary to keep their abundant coat clean, flowing and mat free. Parts of the coat need to be regularly clipped and trimmed especially around the hindquarters area and anus to maintain cleanliness. . Also, without regular cleaning of their eyes, tears typically form along them along with crust. Since Persians have such a long coat and a very docile temperament they should be kept protected indoors most of the time and not be allowed to roam freely outdoors.

The downsides of Persian ownership is overcome with a very rewarding experience due to their warm and loving nature, natural beauty and devoted, loving companionship.

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