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Exotic Shorthair Cat


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exotic shorthair cat

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The Exotic Shorthair- Persian Qualities Without All the Hair

Exotic shorthairs are a variation of Persian cats but instead of the long ample coats they were bred to have much shorter hair that is somewhat thicker than that of other shorthair cats. Because of the close genetic relationship with Persians, some Exotics do carry a longhair gene so when two shorthairs mate there is a 25% chance that the offspring could be longhaired. These cats are very calm and gentle, yet are still a very lively cat compared to its Persian relatives. This is a curious, fun cat which enjoys spending time with other cats and dogs. Exotics enjoy the presence of their owner, and generally don't enjoy being left alone.

The Exotic carries a compact powerfully built body with a short thick neck, large round eyes, and short snub noses and like Persians have a sweet gentle facial expression. These cats are very loyal and loving; they enjoy showing their affection to their owners which makes for a wonderful lap cat. For those living in city areas or small apartments, exotics make good cats as they aren't going to create many social problems with their calm and steady nature. Typically, they can be great mouse hunters which may not be surprising due to their playful and curious nature. They enjoy having fun and an innocent mouse will be a fun diversion for entertainment. Being naturally curious and playful they get along well with dogs and other cats.
exotic shorthair exotic shorthair cat

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In terms of grooming, the exotic shorthair, as you could guess by its name doesn't need a lot of grooming. However, it is recommended to comb their hair at least weekly as without this practice hairballs and matting can accumulate making it more difficult to groom later. Like many cats with a flat face, their tears tend to go over their face and duct, staining it and ruining the beauty of their face somewhat. This problem can be easily fixed by washing it off with a damp cloth or available commercial products made for this purpose.
exotic shorthair cat

Health Issues and Care of Exotic Shorthairs

This cat starts to mature and come into its own looks-wise when it's around two years old. Puberty starts a bit later than with some other cats, The exotic shorthair was originated by a hybrid breed made by the Persian/ASH (American shorthair) crossing. The exotic shorthair was recognized by the Federal International Feline in 1986.

Maine Coon Kitten For those who like Persian cats, but don't like their long hair, this breed of cat is exceptional and definitely a great option. As far as health goes, these exotic shorthairs have a relatively high risk of inheriting PKD, which is a condition which can cause the kidneys to fail. In most well-developed countries, in studies, it is shown that 40-50% of exotics end up with this condition. DNA screening is recommended, especially if you plan on breeding these cats. Exotics tend to have fewer health problems overall than Persians.

So if you love he beauty and calm temperament of a Persian but do not want to deal with a longhaired cat and the associated grooming required, an exotic shorthair would be a good choice.

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