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The Birman is sometimes referred to as the Sacred Cat of Burma but is a totally different breed of cat than the Burmese. French colonists took a pair of Birman cats from Burma in the early part of the twentieth century and have since been spread to other parts of the world. Birmans were
-+ first recognized by the cat organizations in 1925, and were recognized by all major worldwide groups by 1979.

A Birman cat is larger than most other cats while being noted predominantly for having a very thick coat. They have medium length hair with a light colored body, darker colored points, smaller ears and dark blue eyes. A typical male Birman can be up to fifteen pounds in weight. Also, the body is not as flexible as it is with other types of cats. The body will have a little more weight around it with the legs being relatively slim. The catís coat features an angora texture that is easy to maintain and is very comfortable on the cat. They have a beautiful white coat that can have some seal, chocolate, red or blue accents to it. The white textures on the paws and back legs are especially identifiable. The eyes are a dark sapphire blue shade. The ears are also small in size and spaced far from each other.
birman cat

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The Birman is a very social cat, enjoys being with people and all have a very loving nature. Their character can be described as smart, inquisitive, easy going, charming, and playful. A kitten will start out being easily excited but an adult Birman will be a little more calm and refined in attitude. One interesting point about a Birman Cat Birman is that it can be picked up by an owner and will enjoy being held and stroked while purring for hours. With striking beauty, they are excellent companions well suited to indoor living and very people oriented.

Many Birmans can be interested in all kinds of things. They might be interested in paper bags, toy mice and other small items that can be given to them. Interestingly enough, the attitudes of males and females can be different. A male will patiently beg for attention while a female might be more assertive when expressing what she wants. Birman Cat

Health Issues and Care of the Birman

They are prone to obesity and hairballs, so it's important to be attentive to this. They need plenty of water, vitamins/minerals, protein, and fats to stay healthy. A balanced diet will help with controlling the hairball and obesity problem. You can expect your cat to live for at least fifteen years in most cases. Expect few serious medical problems outside of what a cat might experience in old age.


 Birman kitten It is best to feed a Birman dry food that has many nutrients in it. The amount of calories that a Birman will need to eat each day can be greater than the number of calories that a typical cat might need. This is due to the larger size of the Birman and the needs that it has to support its coat.

They will only require an occasional brushing to keep the coat looking healthy and a monthly bathing. There are no real special requirements with regards to grooming the cat in spite of its long coat.

The Birman cat is very suitable for all kinds of people. It can get along with children very well and many types of animals. A Birman can get along with another cat or a dog that is not agressive towards cats. This is provided that the cat makes its introductions as carefully and calmly as possible to another cat. Due to their docile and trusting nature it would be dangerous to let them roam freely outdoors without protection.

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