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Yorkshire Terrier


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The Yorkshire Terrier, Just a show dog or a true companion

Considered to be a popular breed worldwide due to its appearance, Yorkshire terrier “Yorkies” is a well-known show dog and at the same time companion dog. A Yorkshire terrier is small with fine, glossy, straight and silky hair parted down in the middle back. The terrier also carries its top knot tied with a ribbon. Ears erected in V-shape, eyes medium and perfectly round, no wonder almost everyone would like to have one..
Yorkshire terrier is most distinguished through its unusual coat colors. Usually silky blue and tan, not all coat colors are natural. Some that are unusual may bring an illness with it. So what are the natural and usual coat colors? According to American Kennel Club Registration, these colors are what considered normal: blue and tan, blue and gold, black and tan and black and gold. This breed of the dogs seems to be always eager for adventure. Energetic and full of enthusiasm, a Yorkshire terrier is not a dog that you’ll expect to see simply lying on the floor. They are so attached with their masters and are really brave and loyal. They are very affectionate and sweet to their owners that they may be left with children if trained well. They can also be demanding, dependent and over-protective. This is also the reason why they are aggressive with strangers and may even injure smaller animals. Stunningly, this little fellow can outsmart you if you’re not watchful due to the terrier’s playful side.
Female Yorkshire Terrier 

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Training a Yorkshire terrier may be quite frustrating if you do not know how to handle the playful side of the dog. Moreover, they don’t simply follow any order you command. You have to base your way of training on the temperament and behavior of the said terrier. The playful side of the Yorkshire terrier would require a positive way of training. Giving rewards and praises is the best thing to do to affirm the command you’ve made. It is also important to always keep the training fun and happy, since they can easily get bored.
Yorkshire Terrier

Health Issues and Care

Aside from the training that a Yorkshire terrier undergoes, their health status should also be considered. Taking care of your pet should be emphasized. And the two common health problems that owners should be aware of are Distichia and Hypoglycemia

Distichia is the situation where the eyelashes are arising from an abnormal spot. This can cause eye irritation, tearing, squinting, inflammation and scarring. Furthermore, Hypoglycemia, having low blood sugar, may also hit this breed of dog. It may strike yorkies of 5-16 weeks and tiny yorkies due to lack of muscle mass. It can be caused by stress, fatigue, cold environment, poor nutrition, and change in diet, bacterial infection and parasite. Hypoglycemia can affect yorkies to be drowsy, glassy-eyed, shaky, uncoordinated and dehydrated. Take your yorkie to the vet to avoid further problems. Other health problems are Bronchitis, Lymphangiectasia, Portosystemic shunt, cataracts, and Keratitis Sicca.

                Yorkie Puppies
Knowing how to take care of your Yorkie is a big help to avoid these health problems. Right grooming and supplement of its physical needs are important. And in the point of view of a Yorkshire terrier, their coat is the most difficult feature to take care of. Coat oil is usually applied to maintain the glossy look of their coat. Coconut oil may even be used for coat oil. Their coat is sensitive that their coat must be wrapped in rice paper or tissue after applying coat oil to avoid damages. It should be daily brushed and may be trimmed for easier care. Moreover, aside from these specifications, weekly bath and teeth cleaning should not be neglected.

Popular Yorkshire Terrier Names

Yorkshire Terrier Bambi: Cute and cuddly in your lap

 Minuet: Just sounds small, dainty, and classy

Chewbacca: They do look like mini versions.

Rambo: Yorkie will rule your house female.

Other Popular Yorkshire Terrier Dog Names:

Angel,  Honeybee,  Peaches,  Baby,  Kewpie,  Peanut,  Babydoll,  Kisses,  Peewee,  Babykins,  Ladybug,  Pixie,  Bambi,  Laptop,  Proton,  Bonbon,  Little Boy,  Puddles,  Bug,  Little Girl,  Pumpkin,  Bunny,  Little One,  Putt-Putt,  Butterball,  Lollipop,  Rascal,  Buttercup,  Midge,  Shorty,  Button,  Midget,  Smidgen,  Cuddles,  Minuet,  Squeaky,  Dinky,  Munchkin,  Squirt,  Doodle,  Newt,  Teenie Weenie,  Elf,  Nibbler,  Tinkerbell,  Goober,  Nibbles,  Tiny,  Gumball,  Nipper,  Twig,  Gumdrop,  Nymph,  Widget


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