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Shorthaired Pointer


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Shorthaired Pointer-The Outdoors Dog

When it comes to loyalty no other creature lives up to it other than a dog. For thousands of years, the dog has been known to be the manís best friend. The dog will serve its owner till the end of time. It is considered to be one of the most suitable pets to own and cherish. The home is every manís sanctuary. He needs to make sure his home is protected at all times and what better protection than a dog? The shorthaired pointer is an exceptionally versatile dog that serves every need of mankind.


The shorthaired pointer has its roots from the land of Germany. The breed is known for being hunting dogs that have a great sense of smell and track. Records suggest that the breed has been in existence since the 17th century and has been famous for its high energy levels.

Shorthaired Pointer 

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Shorthaired Pointer

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Shorthaired Pointer Nature/Temperament

When a pet dog is full of life and zest, its effects can also be seen in the owner. Every man wants a lively dog to simply enjoy and have fun. The shorthaired pointer is an extremely active dog that needs an adventure on a regular basis. Since its roots are that of a hunter, it enjoys vigorous physical activity like running, outdoor games, mountain climbing and many more. The breed is rarely seen lying around and prefers being outdoors during the most hours of the day.

The shorthaired pointer is also known for its high sense of protection. It is always on guard and makes sure no harm is bought to the owner and the family. In spite of being so active, it is also extremely friendly with a special likeness for children. With proper training and diet, the shorthaired pointer can show great signs of intelligence and care.

Keeping the shorthaired pointerís temperament in mind, they are extremely tough and healthy dogs. They are not easily susceptible to any diseases and have the ability to survive in the roughest of conditions. However, in the recent years it has been examined that the breed may suffer from various genetic disorders such as vision impairment, skin disorders, gastric torsion, obsessive compulsive disorder and many more. In some rare cases, withdrawal symptoms are also witnessed. These diseases are usually brought down from one generation to another. If the owner keeps a watchful eye on the pet, it can help prevent such disorders in the future.

Shorthaired Pointer Care/Special Requirements
The shorthaired pointer is usually known to take care of its own self. It will never be idle for a long period of time and will always be seen with full of life and excitement. However, it is important for the owner to keep the dog occupied during the most hours of the day. If proper attention and care is not provided, the dog can obtain psychological disorders such as OCD and sometimes, violent behavior. The breed performs well with diet rich in protein and carbohydrates. This keeps the dog active and healthy at all times.

The shorthaired pointer is not really suitable for the life in the big city. Living in an apartment can make him feel suffocated that also contributes to the psychological problems. It is more suitable in the country side with a big house and a big yard. This will allow him loads of physical activity that will keep him healthy at all times. The life expectancy of a shorthaired pointer is around 12 to 15 years. With proper care and protection, it will live its life to fullest.

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