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Rottweilers Make Perfect Pets For Experienced Owners

If youíre an experienced dog lover and are ready to take your pet ownership to a much higher level, it doesnít get any better than a terrific Rottweiler. Originally from Rottweil in Germany, their breed does quite a stern job of living up to the serious nature associated with the German stereotype. Popularly referred to as the Rottie, this breed can be traced as far back as the Roman Empire, during which time they were primarily used for cattle herding. Their appearance in popular culture as guard dogs dates back to the World War I and is because of their bold, confident and dominant personality.

Rottweilers are perhaps the most obedient dogs known to man and considered to have a serious and fearless nature. They are easy to train and when trained responsibly by an experienced and involved owner, they exhibit a solid comprehension of what is right and what is unacceptable. While restlessness can bother a wide variety of dogs, it can be quite significant for this breed as they like having something to do or a task to carry out more often than not.

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rottweiler Are Rottweilers the right breed for you?

If youíre a hands-on dog lover looking to extend your responsible nature to pet ownership, then a Rottweiler is the perfect match for you. The ideal owner is one that is committed to spending a fair amount of time training this breed to shape into a well-natured dog. Without sufficient care and appropriate training, recent trends associated with declining numbers of this breed could continue. It is highly recommended that they be neutered as males could be far too aggressive to manage otherwise, and may also be exposed to cancerous health risks. Females that are unsprayed can be quite temperamental and may develop uterine issues, in addition to also being exposed to cancerous risks.

A vital part of caring for this breed is ongoing obedience training that has a positive effect on their upbringing and socializing. If trained well, they generally get along with other dogs. They arenít a threat to children, as long as the parent exercises the right amount of caution, as you would with any other kind of dog. As this is an intelligent breed, they can learn very quickly in training, usually picking up tasks within 2 to 10 instances of them being repeatedly taught. During obedience training, it is important for owners to show dominance as this prevents the dogs from harboring a stubborn nature.

Caring for your Rottweiler
A large home is a good home and a fenced backyard is the ideal playground for Rottweilers. A spacious play area is vital for this breed primarily due to their size. The sooner you allow them to mingle with other pets the better as this helps curtail their aggression.

As far as grooming goes, they do not require much attention. At the most, you will need to give them a brush once a week to ensure that the coat remains in good condition. A good diet that is apportioned appropriately is important for these large creatures and prevents overeating. A couple of hours of exercise daily coupled with a long walk can go a long way in ensuring good health and preventing boredom.

rottweiler Similar to other large dogs, Rottweilers tend to have a life expectancy that is on the shorter side. In terms of health concerns, some of them include problems with the eyes and heart, cancer, obsessive-compulsive disorder, seizures, thyroid-related issues and allergies.

If youíre looking for a dog thatís handsome, confident, extremely loyal and easy to groom, then a Rottweiler is perfect for your family.

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