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The Maltese


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The Maltese -Small, Beautiful Bundle of Fun

What’s the point of having a pet dog if it is not cute and playful? A pet dog should bring joy and happiness to the owner just by looking at it. One such breed is the Maltese. The breed is extremely small in size, active, playful, furry and extremely cute to look at. In the recent years, it has become quite popular in American homes and owners buy two to three of them at the same time.


The Maltese has an extremely rich history. Its existence has been noted to that of 500 BC in ancient Greece and Rome. It was considered to be the sign of nobility and it enjoyed the same status as its owner. It has a vivid existence in several cultures of the world and till date is one of the more preferred breeds all over the world.


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The Maltese is extremely small in size with an average weight of around 5 to 10 pounds. Its coat is usually white in color that can shine very beautifully. The breed is extremely lively and playful in nature although it enjoys resting and napping a few times in a day. They get extremely attached to the owner and the family and are extremely eager to please. maltese The breed is also exceptionally beautiful that can instantly cause a person to fall in love with them.

The Maltese enjoy playing outdoors and are always in high spirits. It is also extremely alert and can raise a barking alarm if it senses something suspicious. They love being the center of attraction and are always around humans to show their love and the gentle side. Nevertheless, the excitement can get a little too extreme. This may cause excessive barking and in worst cases, biting as well. If enough attention is not given, they tend to develop separation anxiety that can simply get worse with time.

Maltese Health Issues

The Maltese do not have any serious health conditions. However, they are known to have a weak immune system that can cause illness from time to time. The breed also suffers from upset stomach from time to time if proper diet is not provided. Since it is of a small stature, the owner needs to make sure a healthy and nourishing diet is provided at all times.

The Maltese is also quite sensitive to extreme hot and cold weather as it does not possess an undercoat. It may experience intense chills during winters and extreme discomfort during the summers. Proper care and caution needs to be taken when you own a Maltese.

Maltese Care & Special Requirements

The Maltese do not have any specific needs or requirements. Just like other dogs, it requires constant activity during the day. It also needs a daily walk or run to remain healthy at all times. Since it is quite small in size, it is bound to hurt itself more often than larger dogs. It is highly recommended to safeguard the house and make sure it is a healthy environment for the pet. maltese The Maltese is also known to go out of the house whenever it gets a chance. Extra caution needs to be taken in such a situation.


These dogs are not very picky when it comes to living conditions. It can adapt itself very well to an apartment or a house. It enjoys spending time outdoors and running around in an open area. It enjoys greenery and can be more receptive than usual in such an environment. Its life expectancy is more than 15 years and in some cases it lives till the age of 18. The Maltese is an extremely fun pet to have that provides the owner a sense of joy and happiness.

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