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Golden Retriever


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The Wonderful Friendly Golden Retriever

Considered to be one of the most popular dogs in the whole world, Golden Retriever has three types: British, American and Canadian. The three types of Golden Retriever are different starting from the muzzle, forehead, legs, and chest to tails. They even differ in weight. If you are deciding to buy one, decide first which one you want and which one catches your attention more.

A Golden Retrieverís coat colors range from light gold to dark gold. They have fluffy and soft coats, which are dense and waterproof. The younger pups have lighter color than older dogs. While growing, their coats would whether be lighter or darker. The color at the tips of the ears will indicate the color of the dogs when they become older. Golden Retrievers are intelligent and versatile. They have a kind and friendly demeanor to the point that they are lovable and comfortable even to strangers. They are not aggressive and are always calm. Patience is also almost always related to the said breed that they can sit and wait for hours. Aside from their patience and calm conduct, they can also be playful and fun in activities and drills. Children are attracted to their charm due to their good sociability behavior. They are very compatible with kids. They are the best mothers in a sense that they nurture and protect any animal and breed. They tend to care.

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Possessing a high rate in terms of obedience and intelligence, it is not surprising that they are one of the brightest dogs in the whole worlds. They can be easily trained. Being athletic and pleaser, a Golden Retriever excels in the trainings. They are fast learners and are so easy to train. They are competitive and have good agility and love competitions in drills and trainings. They easily respond to orders and give positive results in their performances. Golden Retrievers are also goods swimmers ands are almost always consistent with their positive performances.

Health Issues and Care of Goldens

Aside from the common hip and elbow dysplasia, which attacks Golden Retrievers, other diseases and disorders should also be watched out. Eye diseases like cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, glaucoma, distichiasis, corneal dystrophy and retinal dysplasia. Cataracts are the usual and most common to Golden Retrievers. Cancer, which is considered to be the number one Golden Retrievers killer, can be associated in four varieties: mast cell tumor, osteosarcoma, lymphosarcoma and hemangi osarcoma which is the most frequent.
Heart diseases such as subvalvular aortic stenosis and cardiomyopathy and joint diseases such as patella luxation, osteochondritis, panosteitis and cruciate ligament rupture may also hit Golden Retrievers. Moreover, allergies like hot spots are commonly found in them.

Medical assistance and scheduled check ups should be provided to the Golden Retriever. Moreover, grooming should also be taken into consideration. Grooming a Golden Retriever should be emphasized especially with their coats. With the sensitive and stylish coats that they bear, slickers, pin brushes and grooming comb is needed. It is important to brush them regularly to avoid too much shedding. They also need bathing, which is done once or twice a week. Another thing to consider would be the trimming of the nails of their toes.


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