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German Shepherd


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German Shepherd - the smart one!

Looking for an intelligent dog that could be even more loyal and work-oriented than human guards? What you need is a German shepherd!
Elegance is usually noticeable with German Shepherds. Sturdy and has solid bone structure, they are muscular and have the impression of being strong and valiant. Their heads and body are well proportioned that’s why they are good to look at. Their coats usually come in black or tan. They possess strong jaws and pointed and upright ears and have sturdy thighs and round toes. They can be rough coated or long haired depending on the genes of the dog. Known to be fearless, eager and always alert, German Shepherds are very enthusiastic and seem to always indulge themselves with fun activities and training that will give out learning. They’re easy to train due to their high intelligence, which appears to be compared with humans. They are loyal and obedient to their masters and love to be close to where their masters are. They are people-oriented and must always be with their masters to maintain familiarity and bond. Their instinct is to always protect and so are offset with strangers. They do not usually bark yet once they do, it means that you have to back off. If trained well and properly, they can be made as guard dogs and sheepdogs.
German Shepherd 
Training a German shepherd should be a conflict of an iron and a soft hand. They must be trained early to be able to find a good training mentality and behavior. They also need to be socialized at early stages to be aware of and at ease with the people they’re supposed to live with. Obedience must be emphasized in the early part of the training. This will be the foundation of the other types of training for the German Shepherds. German Shepherds are so intelligent that they can catch up on anything you teach them. And what’s interesting about these dogs is that they crave for a challenge. Their training should be filled with challenging drills.
3 German Shepherds

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Health Issues and Care

German Shepherds, like other dogs, may suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia. This hereditary disease is pretty much usual to German Shepherds. Hip and elbow score is recommended to correct this disease. Aside from this famous one, there are other diseases that might strike your pet, and so you should be cautious about. Blood disorders and digestive problems, which may be because of problems in the nerves, may also hit your pet. Moreover, epilepsy, chronic eczema, dwarfism ands flea allergies follow the list. Keratitis or inflammation of the cornea is also rampant to German Shepherds.

German Shepherd puppies

The living condition and grooming of the German shepherd should be regarded and emphasized. They are well off in a small space area, since they are not very dynamic indoors. Another thing that you should expect in this breed is that they regularly shed hair. Brushing quickly and daily is advised. Moreover, they should not be bathed regularly. Bathing once or twice annually is enough so that the skin will be protected from oil depletion.

Popular German Shepherd Names

Male German Shepherd Names:

Aldo: This word means “wise” which is fitting for this very intelligent dog.

Bach: Name your dog this if you like classical music.

Baron: Royal family name for regal and powerful dog.

Blitz: German for lightning.

Boris: A common German name shared with many famous people.

Einstein: If you think your dog will be really smart?

Other Popular Male German Shepherd Dog Names:

Alfred,  Gaston,  Klinger,  Ava,  Beethoven,  Grendel,  Kristall,  Benz,  Hesse,  Mozart,  Biene,  Henri
Blume,  Hummel,  Prinz,  Bruno,  Jacques,  Bremen,  Jagger,  Reich,  Jet,  Saxon,  Dietrich,  Johannes
Schnapps,  Kafka,  Snoopy,  Elbe,  Kaiser,  Tesla,  Falcon,  Kant,  Unger,  Falk
Kiel,  Floh,  Kirsche,  Werner,  Fritz,  Krypto,  Zigfried, 

Female German Shepherd Names

Adele: Means noble and kind

Delores: A feminine name meaning beautiful.

Ionna: Means grace.

Melody: A good name for music lovers

Willa: Means desired.

Other Popular Female German Shepherd Dog Names:

Ava Laney,  Lisa,  Pasha,  Bethany,  Lucy,  Pearl,  Belva,  Lydia,  Bulah,  Mable,  Queso,  Chelsea,  Marcie,  Reggina,  Maven,  Rona,  Rosa,  Diva,  Meg,  Dulcia,  Missy,  Raven,  Eve,  Millie,  Ripley,  Ella,  Mitzy,  Sable,  Fergie,  Molly,  Sandy,  Flapper,  Sugar,  Sweetie,  Opal,  Kiki,  Veronica,  Wilma


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