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The Doberman Pinscher


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The Doberman Pinscher Ė Undeserved Bad Reputation

Letís get one fact very clear. Dogs are one of the gentlest creatures on the planet. No matter what breed they belong to, they are kind, lovable and caring. It is a common misconception among people that some breeds of dogs are extremely violent and absolutely far from lovable. People think the same way about the Doberman Pinscher. However, this theory is wrong.


Doberman Pinschers are one of the oldest breeds of dogs known to man. It was recognized in the late 1800s by breeder Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. Ever since its discovery, it has been commonly seen among the police and other such authorities.

doberman pincher
doberman pincher doberman pincher

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The fact that the Doberman is synonymous with ferocity and violent behavior is simply because of its looks. The breed can look quite ferociousdoberman pincher puppy when angered that can scare the living daylights of any person! The dogs are bred in that manner simply to overpower another entity. In reality, Dobermans are every kind and gentle. They are extremely active, playful and completely loyal to the owner. They prefer being by the side of their owner at all times and follow them wherever they go. Dobermans train quite easily and can be taught to stay alert at all times. They are known for their high intelligence and can sense human emotions quite effectively. Dobermans are also known to be the most preferred choice among people without sight. The dog helps them with tracking and also provides complete protection at all times. The breed is known for extreme speed and endurance and the frame of their body compliments to such traits. The Doberman is one of the perfect breed of dogs that any person can have.

Doberman Health Issues

In spite of having such tremendous traits, the Doberman is known to suffer from a number of health issues. In numerous cases, cervical spindylitis is seen that can cause weakness in the bones. The Von Willebrand disease is also quite commonly seen in Dobermans that cause easy internal and external bleeding. Other disorders include obesity, skin problems and heart defects among many more. However, in some cases, it has been seen that with proper exercise and diet, these health issues can be avoided to a great degree.

Care & Special Requirements

The Doberman Pinscher is an extremely active dog that has unimaginable stamina, strength and endurance. It needs exercise on a daily basis such as running or long walks. By providing proper training on a regular basis, the dog can live up to its full potential and be extremely worthy to its owner. It is also extremely important to provide a nutritious meal in order for it to fully develop and use all the abilities to the max.

doberman pincherSuitability

It is very important to know that a pet dog will behave exactly like the owner trains it. If proper care and attention is not provided to the dog, it can go rogue and can be quite difficult to handle at a later stage in life. This situation is not only common among Dobermans but in all other breeds of dogs. The Doberman can be an extremely intelligent and invaluable if provided the proper training. It can survive just as well in a small house like in the country side. However, the breed is extremely sensitive to the cold weather. The life expectancy of Dobermans is usually up to the age of 13. A puppy will grow at a much quicker pace than many other large dogs. In addition to being companions and family pets, Dobermans are used for protection, tracking and guarding.

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