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The Dachshund


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Are you good enough for a Dachshund?

A Dachshund is a long dog with short legs. It is a favorite of many American families, especially children. It is found in many different colors and hair styles, there are long haired Dachshunds and short straight haired too. A large Dachshund is approximately thirty pounds and the word Dachshund means the badger dog in German. They were developed for small prey like rabbits and prairie dogs. They are very agile and fast, capable of following a rabbit or hare into its hole in the ground and coming out of it triumphant.

Dachshunds are very pretty, loving dogs but there are some problems you must know about. The first one is they are very hard to house train. They are very stubborn and they honestly believe in their small hearts that they can scare of larger dogs, so they are always picking fights with them. They are nervous animals and may go into a barking rage if someone knocks on your door or rings the bell. They are extremely territorial and do not like strangers at all. You cannot take them out into the park without a leash; they will take off in a hunting spree that will tire you out.

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Training them is very hard because they are temperamental and have their own ideas. Even though they are loving dogs, it is possible that they may snap at you while training them or trying to teach them something. Their stubbornness makes them hard to house train and almost impossible to show tricks to. They do not require too much exercise but their hunting and killer instinct are too strong. If you let her off the leash, she will run to find something to hunt and kill.
Long hair dachshund adult

Health Issues and Care of Dachshund

Due to their elongated shape, they tend to have back problems. As they grow old and the muscles of their bellies grow tired and weak a time comes when it is hard for them to hold their long belly in place and medical problems start. Many of them while out playing or running around have broken vertebrae on their spines, which had paralyzed them for life. Other spine problems can also be caused by exercise or sudden motions; they cannot be left alone outside in a yard which faces the street or another place with lots of people. She will bark her heart out and kill herself.

Dachshund Puppy Dachshunds like to be cared for, have their hair combed and ribbons on their ears. They like to sleep on their masterís beds inside the covers. They love dogs that do not like to stay alone for any reason whatsoever. If they are used to being around people they will cry and suffer very much when left alone in a house. If you do not intend to hang out with your Dachshund permanently do not let her get used to always have you or someone else around. They like to go outside for a little exercise, but they prefer to stay at home and cuddle besides their master.

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