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You Can’t Help But Want A Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is an exotic breed. These dogs are quite small and are known to be playful, affectionate and quite entertaining. They are quite popular in modern society mainly because of their small stature. They are preferred by single adults and couples mainly because the dogs themselves prefer to focus their attention on a few, unlike other dogs that will play with the entire family. Chihuahuas are relatively timid and are also popular because of their low maintenance nature. Popularly referred to as the Chi, you won’t find a smaller dog. While they’re origin is disputed by some, most people agree that they originated from a place called Chihuahua in Mexico. The Aztecs used them for sacrificial purposes. Their popularity in North America only began to rise after 1850 and especially when Xavier Cugat, a famous musician, was seen with a Chihuahua constantly.


There are mainly two types of Chihuahuas – the smooth-coat (sometimes called short-haired) and the long-coat. Genetically, they are identical breeds.
Chihuahua short coat 

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Chihuahua puppy The Chihuahua tends to be fiercely loyal to its owners and likes being given a lot of attention.
As they are tiny and relatively fragile, they’re not the ideal companion to have around young kids, but should be no problem with slightly older children. They tend to attach themselves quite a lot to their owners.
They are very intelligent, affectionate, overly possessive, and great watchdogs in miniature. A Chihuahua must be carefully supervised during public outings so that it cannot start a fight with a larger dog because they do not account for their size and will readily take on a larger dog regardless of the size differential.
If you have other pets and choose to play with them instead of your Chihuahua, it might upset them. Generally, they can be trained to get along with other pets, but this needs to be done from an early age. As for their outlook, it tends to be quite varied depending on how they are raised and more importantly, their genetic traits. You’ll find all sorts of Chihuahuas from lively ones to the timid sort. Some can be quite feisty, while others come across as mellow characters.

Caring for your Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are wonderful indoor pets. They’re perfect if you have an apartment and you don’t need to worry about having a backyard for them to play, as they’re more than happy to run around indoors. While they like walks just like other dogs and walking with their owners is good for them, they get a lot of exercise by simply running around the place indoors. Taking your dog outside for walks also helps in speeding up the socialization process and takes away any potential aggression. Also, they prefer warmer temperatures. They are quite the petite breed and that is why you need to buy a harness, instead of a leash, or you could damage their delicate skeletal structure.
Grooming your Chihuahua of course depends on the kind that you have. If it’s a smooth-coat then you need only brush it occasionally. The long-coat Chihuahua, however, needs to be groomed a few times a week. You only need to bathe them once each month, preferably with a mild shampoo. Like most dogs, their ears are fairly sensitive, so you need to be very careful when bathing your dog. Water entering the ears can cause an infection.

 They generally live for 15-18 years, which is on average longer than the lifespan of most other dogs. Among their health concerns are wheezing, luxating patella and snoring. Dental problems can sometimes take center-stage too. You need to be very careful with them, especially because of their delicate nature, and this is why they are generally not the choice when there are young kids around.

Chihuahuas are much more difficult to train in comparison to other dogs. However, you can make training an easier task if it’s done at a very early age.


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