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The Boston Terrier


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The Boston Terrier – You Can't Help But Love Them

One of the most commonly seen dogs in the United States of America is the Boston terrier. According to a recent survey, Americans prefer owning a Boston terrier as a pet for a number of reasons. It is also lovingly known as “The American Gentleman” as it was a preferred pet among the noblemen of the 19th century.


The Boston terrier has its roots from the late 1800s and is known to have a lineage of the Bull and Terrier. There are also signs of it being closely related to the English Bulldogs that were used as a means of entertainment and show business. During that period of time, the breed was a favorite during the dog fights as it is known for being strong and fierce.

boston terrier puppy
boston terrier boston terrier

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boston terrier

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boston terrier Nature/Temperament

The Boston terriers are known for their gentle and caring side. The breed is extremely compatible with both children and adults. It is extremely friendly and can adapt to new surroundings at a much quicker pace than other dogs. It is also known to please the owner by being alert, attentive and well-mannered. The Boston terrier is also known for its enormous strength and intelligence hence it is easy to train and teach. However, there is also a stubborn side to it. The Boston terrier can be extremely willful at times and likes his own personal space from time to time. Since it is extremely alert, it serves well as a watchdog and does everything possible to make sure the owner and the family are safe at all times. People, who suffer from blindness, prefer owning a Boston terrier as it provides the best care service along with a great deal of affection.

Boston Terrier Health Issues

In spite of being strong and fierce, there are a number of health concerns related to the Boston terrier. Its health is quite sensitive and extreme care and caution has to be provided in order to ensure a long and healthy survival. The breed is seen having various allergies on a regular basis. It is also a habitual victim to cataract, dry eyes, deafness, glaucoma and various heart and skin issues. The Boston terrier is also known to have a fluctuating heart rate that can cause a number of respiratory problems. The breed is extremely sensitive to the weather and can raise numerous health concerns if it gets too extreme. Make sure you have a cool spot for your Boston in the summer and a warm place in the winter. Because of the respiratory issues, the dog is also known to snore while sleeping.

Boston Terrier Care & Special Requirements

The Boston terrier does not require any special treatment. It is a fun-loving animal that can not only take care of its own self but also ensure the same for the owner and its family.

boston terrier However, it is important to make sure a healthy diet is always provided to the pet. The diet should be rich in proteins and iron that will keep him healthy and zestful at all times. It enjoys feeding on meat and milk and has a good appetite compared to other domestic breeds. It is extremely important for the owner to make sure a regular trip to the veterinarian is in order. This will keep the health issues at bay and you can enjoy the love and companionship of your pet for a long period of time..

The Boston terrier is a great house pet. Since it can adapt itself to its surroundings, it can very well live in the city or the country side. However, it is important to make sure the weather is according to his suitability and everyday exercise is highly recommended. The life expectancy of a Boston terrier is usually more than 15 years. The Boston terrier can be an extremely loyal and loving pet.

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